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It’s time to Digitize your Lending Business

Stop using Excel to manage your loans. Use LendFusion instead - a cloud-based platform designed to help you grow your business.

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What does LendFusion offer?

LendFusion helps you manage the end-to-end lending process through a user-friendly loan management platform and third-party integrations. With LendFusion, you get industry-leading features at a more affordable price.

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End-to-end lending process

From customer origination to reporting – LendFusion covers the whole process.

Customer origination

Online application


Loan offer

Decision making

Automated decision making

Credit scoring


Data processing

Application review

Secure document storage

Credit management


Contract generation

Signature process

Collections and reporting


Bank reconciliation

Predefined or custom reporting

Complete loan management system

Our loan management platform allows lenders to store all customer, application and loan data within our system without the need for a parallel system for file storage, etc. LendFusion will be the hub of your lending business and any integrations will always go through our system, thus reducing the points of failure for your business.

Real-time decision making

With LendFusion’s auto loan management software, you get real-time approvals, allowing you to approve applications in seconds through automation. Our smart decision engine puts your decision-making on cruise control with easy data integration and rapid model deployment. And with our no-code user interface, you can launch new products in minutes.

Document tracking

LendFusion provides you with one central platform for all loan documents, agreements, customer information, payment histories, and communication records - making it easy to store and retrieve all of your data, securely.

Credit Assessment

Better credit assessments make for better credit repayments and thus maximise revenue. Only when you have all necessary information can you make an informed decision. LendFusion helps you to go through the data automatically without missing any details. Our built-in decision engine can process data from credit offices and combine this with other data so you can make the best decisions possible.

Complete audit trail of your loans

With LendFusion, you no longer need to worry about tracking all applications and customers in your loan book. Any change, charge or transaction is tracked and documented in the LendFusion platform, providing you with a full audit trail of your loan book.

Integrations to third-parties

LendFusion seamlessly integrates with third party systems ensuring all financial records are synchronized and up-to-date.

Credit Scoring








Additional Services



Automated payouts and collections

LendFusion lets you make automated payments to and from your bank account through integrations with third party services like Modulr, Pay360, Acquired (and more). You’re able to distribute the funds as soon as the agreement has been signed.

Loan repayment

Visa, Mastercard and most other debit cards can be used to repay loans with LendFusion because we have gone through the process of PCI DSS compliance to ensure you have all the available tools to collect funds.

Scalable and cloud-based software

Using AWS as our cloud service provider helps us provide software with high availability and as a scalable solution. Security of the highest standards and browser-based access together make it a preferable solution for most businesses.

Automatically process every loan application

LendFusion’s Decision Engine allows you to approve all loan applications that meet a specific criteria, eliminating the need to review each one manually. Easy to configure, you can approve, decline or review loan applications, when needed.

Reduce manual work and tasks

LendFusion can be configured through the back office system to be highly automated. We feel that the main goal of a modern loan management system is to reduce the amount of manual and repetitive tasks and the cost created by it.

    “It was really important for us to find an auto loan management software that could provide GPS tracking and remote control of the vehicles we loan out to our customers with our rent-to-buy product. LendFusion was highly recommended and they have played an important role in the growth of our company.”


    CEO, Planet42


    “LendFusion’s end-to-end lending platform takes away the challenge of having to integrate several platforms into one. There was no need for IT resources and because their commercial loan software is modern and user-friendly, we were able to launch our business loan product quickly.”


    CEO, Evergreen


LendFusion is an affordable and user-friendly loan management system platform that helps you spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on getting sales and customers.

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