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Grow your lending business from 1,659 per month
LendFusion is a loan management platform and our pricing model is based on your growth. It starts from 1,659 per month and increases as your business grows.
The monthly license fee gives you complete access to the LendFusion platform and is the same price whether you have 1 user or a 100 users.
Frequently asked questions

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Unlike other lending platforms, we don’t expect you to sign a 3 year contact. We do have a standard 12-month contract, but we are flexible and confident that we can find an agreement that aligns with your growth plans.

How much does it cost to add new users?

Zero. The monthly license cost is a fixed price for your lending business based on loan portfolio size only. You will pay the same monthly fee for 1 or a 100 users.

Is onboarding and training included in the monthly license cost?

Full training and onboarding is priced separately at 80 per hour. While each lender is different and has unique needs, we expect the training to take approx. 20 hours.

How much do you charge for custom development?

While other lending platforms charge up to 1,000 per day for custom development, our pricing remains simple. It’s 80 per hour (the same as onboarding and training hourly rate) and will provide a full quote in advance so you know the total cost in advance.

Ready to grow your lending business?

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LendFusion is an affordable and user-friendly loan management system platform that helps you spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on getting sales and customers.

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