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Growing your lending business should be easier

LendFusion is a loan management system built for established lenders that have high growth ambitions.

  • Affordable pricing. Hassle free setup.
  • Modern, easy-to-use loan management platform
  • 10 years experience helping lenders grow their business

Combining industry expertise and an affordable and user-friendly platform, LendFusion helps you spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on what matters - getting sales and customers.

Industry expertise

We have 10+ years experience in the lending industry. We’ll share our knowledge, insights, and expertise to help you grow your business.

Custom development

Each lender is unique. For advanced functionality, our experienced team of developers will customize a solution that meets your needs.

Modern platform

Unlike outdated platforms, you can configure, automate and process loan applications directly in the LendFusion system. No IT team required.

Customer success

We’re committed to the growth of your business. Our team is here to help you - whether it’s with training, onboarding or advice, contact us any time.

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End-to-end lending process

From customer origination to reporting – LendFusion covers the whole process.

Customer origination

Online application


Loan offer

Decision making

Automated decision making

Credit scoring


Data processing

Application review

Secure document storage

Credit management


Contract generation

Signature process

Collections and reporting


Bank reconciliation

Predefined or custom reporting

What does LendFusion offer?

LendFusion helps you manage the end-to-end lending process through a user-friendly loan management platform and third-party integrations. With LendFusion, you get industry-leading features at a more affordable price.

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Payment solutions


Open banking






Credit Scoring


Top features

Complete audit trail of your loans

With LendFusion, you no longer need to worry about tracking all applications and customers in your loan book. Any change, charge or transaction is tracked and documented in the LendFusion platform, providing you with a full audit trail of your loan book.

Automatically process every loan application

LendFusion’s Decision Engine allows you to approve all loan applications that meet a specific criteria, eliminating the need to review each one manually. Easy to configure, you can approve, decline or review loan applications, when needed.

Automatically process every loan application

No developers required

As a modern, user-friendly platform, LendFusion lets you configure as many loan products as required. Unlike other loan management systems, you do not need a developer to set interest rates or change the default penalty rate. Do it yourself - all in one click.

Communicate quickly with customers

Using templates in LendFusion, you can quickly send out personalized loan offers, agreements and repayment messages by email or SMS. These templates are predefined and can be activated as soon as a loan application is received.

Communicate quickly with customers

Reduce customer service emails with 24/ 7 support

As a customer of LendFusion, you get access to our customer portal, designed to help customers see, edit and track their loan applications without the need to contact your business. Use the portal to share FAQs, loan application status and repayment history.

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    In 2017, Marten and I came to LendFusion as a small start up with a loan portfolio size of 0. Today, we have 200+ employees, a loan portfolio of 100 million and we're on our way to achieving unicorn status. Planet42’s growth would never have been possible without LendFusion. Read more

    Eerik Oja

    CEO, Planet42

    Eerik Oja

    Using LendFusion loan management software has been a game-changer for our business! Its user-friendly interface allows us to effortlessly manage our loans, and our admin work has decreased rapidly. We can now spend more time on work that brings in more customers and more sales.

    Kristjan Tolmats

    CEO, Evergreen

    Kristjan Tolmats

    We came to LendFusion with very specific needs in terms of loan management. No other platform could offer us the same level of product, service and experience. LendFusion is not just a product, they are an important partner in the growth of our business.

    Robin Hyde-Chambers

    CEO, Funeral Safe Ltd

    Robin Hyde-Chambers

LendFusion is an affordable and user-friendly loan management system platform that helps you spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on getting sales and customers.

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