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Why LendFusion

LendFusion has been helping established lenders grow their business for more than a decade. Use LendFusion's modern, user-friendly platform to reduce admin and increase sales and customers.


Starting from multi-portfolio support, followed by customisable loan products through to integrated third parties, LendFusion offers better performance compared to your current LMS.

Manage multiple loan portfolios and multiple brands in one cloud-based system.

All your loan products are editable directly by an admin user. No coding work required!

Integrated customer relationship management (CRM) with the ability to communicate, flag and manage your customers within LendFusion.

A list of pre-integrated API and bespoke integrations as required.

Integrated decision engine with actions module so you can act according to the data received.

Visa, Mastercard and most other debit cards can be used to repay loans with LendFusion because we have gone through the process of PCI DSS compliance to ensure you have all the available tools to collect funds.

Keeping data protected is key when it comes to data entrusted to you by the customers. LendFusion comes fully equipped with all the tools to ensure you are GDPR compliant including data anonymisation, security protocols and multifactor authentication.

Basic reporting out of the box for values required by most businesses.

Advanced reporting through data export to common Business Intelligence (BI) systems such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI.

Supporting business

A well-performing system is only one part of the equation if it does not serve business goals. LendFusion assists your business in dealing with some of the most complicated nuances when managing customer data.


When (and not if) your business takes off, you want to be sure that your IT systems are able to handle the load and not crumble under the tens of thousands of requests coming in daily.

Our solution is fully cloud-based and we rely on the top-tier cloud service provider – Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our customised cloud setup enables us to run our system with extreme efficiency and durability.

The different components of the LendFusion system are independent of each other making the system more robust and reducing the threat of tampering.

AWS enables LendFusion to scale services as needed and multi-AZ provides our customers with an additional layer of security should any servers fail in one region.

The powerful core engine handles all critical communication and calculations without being accessible to third parties ensuring the security of the service.

An intuitive, easy-to-use and modern backoffice makes working on LendFusion a breeze while being connected to the system core via API.

The customer portal offers excellent customer engagement together with reducing time for customer support. You will be able to provide customers with a better user experience and save your staff’s valuable time to work on the things that matter.

If your business has a website you can integrate it with LendFusion to receive applications over API. Alternatively, if you don’t have a website we can always help you build one.

Modular design

LendFusion is a fully API-driven software application with unrestricted options for integrations.


Security plays an ever-increasing role in our online lives. We have done our best to make sure LendFusion is safe and secure.

Admin users such as underwriters and customer service personnel are advised to use a FIDO U2F USB security key to log in to the backoffice of LendFusion.

Multi-factor authentication is highly recommended for both backoffice and customer access.

LendFusion systems come with IP specific user access.

LendFusion is PCI DSS compliant at the highest level and goes through regular audit and penetration testing.

Our data storage is advanced and secure.

LendFusion is a cloud-based hosted service. You will not have to maintain servers or configure databases.

LendFusion can be customised to fit different markets.

Pre-configured loan processes and workflows are available for a better onboarding process and learning experience.

LendFusion is tailored to your business requirements.

Easy-to-use intuitive UI makes all the difference compared to older banking software programs.

LendFusion, with its built-in CRM also comes with built-in customer service tools to better manage your business.

Let us take care of your data – LendFusion supports customised data import.


LendFusion was built with ease of use in mind. Take a look at the user interface for LendFusion and you will be sure to understand where the difference lies.

LendFusion is an affordable and user-friendly loan management system platform that helps you spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on getting sales and customers.

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