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Product and features

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From loan origination to automated repayment follow ups, LendFusion covers the whole process, so you can focus on what matters most - your customers.

High level of automation

LendFusion can be configured through the backoffice system to be highly automated. We feel that the main goal of a modern loan management system is to reduce the amount of manual and repetitive tasks and the cost created by it.

Data-driven reporting

LendFusion includes already pre-integrated essential reports. Analytics helps you visualise the data of your current business situation with the option to gather insights regarding your long-term goals.

Ease of use

Our system has been built for users. We’ve made the system both look and feel good to use.

API-driven system to support integrations

An effectively working lending system has many different components that cannot be provided by just one company. Instead of doing everything poorly we rather do our specific part well and integrate with excellent third party-service providers. Payment processing, credit bureaus, KYC, etc.

Customisable software

Customisable software

We feel that every lender is different and needs some customisation to their solution to make it possible to maximise its efficiency. Out-of-the-box platforms will never serve your exact business case.

Hub of the lending business

Our loan management platform allows lenders to store all customer, application and loan data within our system without the need for a parallel system for file storage, etc. LendFusion will be the hub of your lending business and any integrations will always go through our system, thus reducing the points of failure for your business.

Credit Assessment

Better credit assessments make for better credit repayments and thus maximise revenue. Only when you have all necessary information can you make an informed decision. LendFusion helps you to go through the data automatically without missing any details. Our built-in decision engine can process data from credit offices and combine this with other data so you can make the best decisions possible.

Scalable and cloud-based software

Using AWS as our cloud service provider helps us provide software with high availability and as a scalable solution. Security of the highest standards and browser-based access together make it a preferable solution for most businesses.

No need for an IT department

Start-ups and SME lenders might not have a dedicated IT team to support their lending efforts. LendFusion is a cloud-based software application which is supported by our team without the need for you to concern yourself with how the AWS servers are configured or if the database is up to date. We will take care of it for you!

System components


  • Customer origination handling.
  • Integrated e-KYC or e-KYB processes.
  • Variable sources for application data input – online and API based.
  • Online application forms and validation.
  • Customer uniqueness control.
  • Task management for good cooperation within your team.
  • Application detail management and editing.


  • Credit worthiness schemas for quick decisioning.
  • Rules and financial models configuration for different customer groups.
  • Customer securities and documentation management.
  • Customer details management.
  • DSAR data download.
  • All customer communication handling – emails, text, etc.
  • Customer data search and filter options.


  • Automatic payment plan calculations for both amortised or non-amortised plans.
  • Generate template-based loan agreements and informational materials.
  • Manage loan top ups and rescheduling.
  • Change loan payments dates or amounts in the payment schedule.
  • Charge loans with fees, fines or penalties defined in loan product setup.
  • Alerts and notifications on due dates or other critical aspects.
  • Create tasks and set flags to loans.
  • Write off or freeze interest calculations for loans.
  • Search and filter loans in lists.


  • Search and filter transactions saved on the loan management system.
  • Upload bank reconciliation files.
  • Download transaction lists for better analysis.
  • Separate transactions based on type, date, loan ID, channel, etc.

Users and permissions

  • Add admin users with individual permissions.
  • Edit, suspend or archive admin users.
  • Add roles to group users per permissions.


  • Hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), thus providing the highest level of security.
  • Regular full and snapshot backups of systems.
  • 2FA security layer for all admin users.
  • IP restrictions for additional security.

Loan settings

  • Manage multiple credit products.
  • Configure new products – amounts, terms, interest rates, etc.
  • Define charges – fees, fines and penalties per credit product.
  • Assign separate credit agreement documents for separate products.

Document and template management

  • Create, edit and remove templates for email, documents and text messages.
  • Assign categories and context to use different pre-created templates with variables of data.
  • Edit documents with a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Add or include uploaded files to templates.

Customer Portal

  • Customers can log in and edit their account details.
  • Customers can sign documents and review applications.
  • Customers can communicate with the lender through the customer portal.
  • Customer portal can be white-labelled using lender logo and visuals.

LendFusion is an affordable and user-friendly loan management system platform that helps you spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on getting sales and customers.

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