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Auto Finance Loan Management Software

Auto finance, automobile leasing, car rental, car rent-to-buy solutions have a working template within the LendFusion loan management system. Make the best of your efforts and use the all-inclusive credit management platfrom of LendFusion.

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Automated credit decisions

Introducing LendFusion, the intelligent software solution that automates every step of the auto financing process for dealerships. Our end-to-end solution offers bank-grade automation that is easy to use, and helps you grow your in-house financing program while cutting operational costs.

GPS tracking and remote control of your vehicles

With GPS tracking and remote control available through our trusted third-party service providers, you can easily locate and, if need be, shut down the engine of a person that doesn’t pay back their loan. LendFusion can also apply geofencing to auto financing, keeping control over the vehicles that are still owned by you. Get notified when the borrower drives past certain limits and take action accordingly.

Online KYC process

Car loan software integration with a KYC provider allows you to run verification in seconds without interrupting the applying process. Our borrower portal is equipped with ultimate self-service tools, including the ability for customers to save and update their personal information and track the loan status and loan payments. Our loan calculator lets users see how the regular payment changes depending on different lending conditions.

Omni-channel auto lending platform

Our omnichannel auto lending platform lets users reach out using any convenient channel. Users can start filling out the lending request form on their PC and proceed later on a tablet or smartphone, with the auto-saving feature allowing them to continue where they left off, saving all the previously entered information.

Fast setup time

Get auto loan management software ready to launch in just a couple of weeks with LendFusion. Our solution includes a landing page, borrower portal and apps, and back office, providing a ready auto finance solution for a quick start. Our intuitive application flow, paperless document management, and pre-built integrations make it easy to get started quickly.

LendFusion - driving a better consumer experience

At LendFusion, we understand the importance of driving a better consumer experience with powerful auto finance software. That’s why we offer real-time approvals, allowing you to go from zero to approved in under a second with powerful automation tools. Our smarter decisioning system puts your decisioning on cruise control with easy data integration and rapid model deployment. And with our no-code user interface, you can launch new products at record speed, making changes in minutes.

Third party systems to help your business take off. We’ve got you covered.

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    LendFusion® allowed us to launch Planet42 without having to develop our own software from scratch and instead focus on building our business. The LendFusion® team has managed to successfully integrate various local service providers with the software – if they can do it in Africa, they can do it anywhere.

    Eerik Oja

    CEO, Planet42

    Eerik Oja

    We are a UK based Specialist Consumer Credit company with very specific needs in terms of loan management. LendFusion® have met these needs and exceeded them since day one. They are attentive and creative in finding solutions to our development wishes. We made a great choice in LMS partner.

    Robin Hyde-Chambers

    CEO, Funeral Safe Ltd.

    Robin Hyde-Chambers

    SBTP Group has worked with LendFusion® since 2013 as one of their first customers. Since then we've watched LendFusion® evolve into a powerful, agile and sensibly priced tool with great support and communication, all grounded in detailed knowledge of the lending industry. LendFusion II has taken what has evolved, applied 6 years of learning and lending experience and rebuilt it from the ground up for the needs of modern lending businesses. The result is a forward-thinking technical solution with all the benefits of LendFusions' experience without the legacy issues this normally implies.

    Tom Parks

    CEO, Smart-Pig

    Tom Parks

LendFusion is modern cloud-based lending software for companies who want to move fast and look to deliver a great user experience to their customers.

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