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Auto Loan Management Software

LendFusion’s Auto Loan Management Software is modern, user-friendly and designed for established lenders. Manage the entire lending process from auto financing, leasing, car rental or rent-to-buy solutions with LendFusion.

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Quick customer onboarding

Our auto loan management software helps you onboard customers with ease through our pre-built online application. You’re able to link in to our application API to transfer data from an app or your existing website. Complete a KYC/KYB and Open Banking to make the whole experience as seamless as possible.

Fast launch time

Our auto loan management software is ready to launch in days, not weeks. With LendFusion, you get an online application landing page, borrower portal, backoffice – everything you need to get started quickly.

Automated payouts and collections

LendFusion lets you make automated payments to and from your bank account through integrations with third party services like Modulr, Pay360, Acquired (and more). You’re able to distribute the funds as soon as the agreement has been signed

Transparent Pricing

LendFusion pricing starts from 1,659 per month for a loan portfolio size up to 2 million and is capped at 9,999 per month for loan portfolios above 34 million. Read more about our pricing model here.

Self-service portal

Your customers can log in to the white-labeled borrower portal to view their account status, statements and make repayments. They can also use the portal to submit customer service tickets and read FAQs.

Keep track of your vehicles

With LendFusion’s auto loan management software, you get GPS tracking through our trusted third-party service providers that can track and locate vehicles. In addition, LendFusion applies geofencing to vehicles you have financed, allowing you to keep control and get notified if a customer drives past certain limits.

Complete audit trail of your loans

With LendFusion, you no longer need to worry about tracking all applications and customers in your loan book. Any change, charge or transaction is tracked and documented in the LendFusion platform, providing you with a full audit trail of your loan book.

Real-time decision making

With LendFusion’s auto loan management software, you get real-time approvals, allowing you to approve applications in seconds through automation. Our smart decision engine puts your decision-making on cruise control with easy data integration and rapid model deployment. And with our no-code user interface, you can launch new products in minutes.

Seamless integrates with key third party systems in our auto loan management software

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Additional services



Online application

Pre-built application form

Use the pre-built and white-labeled application form or speak to us and we’ll be happy to develop an exclusive form just for you.

Online application

Borrower Portal

A white-labeled borrower portal

A borrower portal allows customers to review car finance applications, auto loans, change contact details and download payment plans - helping you save time on customer queries.

Borrower Portal

Back office and admin

Backoffice area for loan administration

Manage your loans with ease using our modern, user-friendly platform. LendFusion’s intuitive interface makes it easy to get started so you can start issuing loans quickly.

Back office and admin

    “It was really important for us to find an auto loan management software that could provide GPS tracking and remote control of the vehicles we loan out to our customers with our rent-to-buy product. LendFusion was highly recommended and they have played an important role in the growth of our company.”


    CEO, Planet42


    Using LendFusion loan management software has been a game-changer for our business! Its user-friendly interface allows us to effortlessly manage our loans, and our admin work has decreased rapidly. We can now spend more time on work that brings in more customers and more sales.

    Kristjan Tolmats

    CEO, Evergreen

    Kristjan Tolmats

    We came to LendFusion with very specific needs in terms of loan management. No other platform could offer us the same level of product, service and experience. LendFusion is not just a product, they are an important partner in the growth of our business.

    Robin Hyde-Chambers

    CEO, Funeral Safe Ltd

    Robin Hyde-Chambers
Lenders Also Ask

How does the software ensure the accuracy and security of the KYC/KYB and Open Banking processes during customer onboarding?

The loan management software's integration with KYC/KYB and Open Banking ensures a streamlined customer onboarding experience.
By automating data transfers and utilizing secure APIs, the system enhances both the accuracy and security of the onboarding process, safeguarding sensitive customer information while adhering to regulatory compliance standards.

What specific features does the borrower portal offer to enhance customer service and user experience?

The borrower portal is designed to enhance customer service and user experience by providing a comprehensive suite of features.
Customers can view account statuses, make repayments, access statements, and submit service tickets, all within a secure, white-labeled environment that promotes brand consistency and user engagement.

How does the real-time decision-making feature integrate with existing loan evaluation models and criteria used by lenders?

The real-time decision-making feature of the loan management system loan management system leverages advanced algorithms and data integration to facilitate rapid loan approvals.
By seamlessly integrating with lenders' existing evaluation models and criteria, it ensures that loan decisions are both swift and in line with the lender's risk management policies, thereby optimizing the loan origination process.

LendFusion is an affordable and user-friendly loan management system platform that helps you spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on getting sales and customers.

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