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The Success Story of Evergreen Capital: Putting LendFusion® to Practice

by the LendFusion® Team on the 5th of September 2019


Evergreen Capital, a business loan provider, has implemented LendFusion II and has seen some proven results from implementation already. Here is their success story.

Evergreen Capital is a solid loan provider, providing financial services for primarily SME businesses in different fields. Although company was established years ago, management of loans was still mainly done in Excel and manually. As company grew bigger, the need for automated software became more urgent. This is the reason, why Evergreen was seeking for professional loan software, which would solve their increased administrative workload issues.

Although they considered different automated software providers, the software they finally decided to implement was LendFusion®, particularly LendFusion II beta, as they were offered to be test client for new advanced platform LendFusion® was developing on that particular time.

LendFusion® implementation process included following steps:

The administrative work has decreased rapidly and we can now spend more time to work that brings in more customers and more sales.

  • Profound data import
  • Integration with accounting software, credit scoring, SMS, Gmail etc
  • Website integration with LendFusion® platform

As a result of collaboration Evergreen has deployed effectively LendFusion® software and this will be the main tool for carrying out administrative work related to decision-making process and client management from now on. LendFusion® benefited from the collaboration as Evergreen was the first client implementing LendFusion® 2nd improved version which proved its´ increased effectiveness compared to version 1.

Kristjan Tolmats, CEO of Evergreen, said: “These few months we have used LendFusion II has proven some great results already. The administrative work has decreased rapidly and we can now spend more time to work that brings in more customers and more sales. We are truly looking forward to implement client self-service and some more new features they offer, through which we can provide more convenient service to our clients.”

LendFusion® is ultimate loan management software for lenders. In autumn 2019, new LendFusion II has been released, which adds value and offers automation systems for private loan companies. LendFusion® is a hosted software platform that helps lenders to manage the smooth running and expansion of their business and remove the chaos out of managing their lending portfolio. LendFusion® offers a scalable platform developed with a combination of innovative technology, strong experience and an imaginative approach to lending online. It is the easiest-to-use and most efficient platform currently available in Europe.