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Corporate retreat with teamwork and -communication exercises

by the LendFusion® Team on the 4th of September 2020

LendFusion team
Sigulda bobsled track

Due to the COVID-19 situation we had been pretty much confined to Estonia for the summer months. Since farther travel was inconceivable we decided to visit our dear neighbour, Latvia for our company retreat.

Having first taken part of summer-time bobsledding demonstrations in Sigulda, where you would sled down the track at 80km/h, we then pursued some team building exercises as is tradition at our summer events.

This time we had Mats Soomre talk to us about teamwork and team communication. Some key points he reminded us about effective communication were:

  • Keep a positive mindset and learn to trust each other.
  • Focus on the positive sides of a challenge and try to find a solution instead of giving criticism.
  • Always try to think before you say something. A quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ might give the wrong impression for the long run.

We like to keep team building as a regular part of the summer retreat because it allows new employees to get better acquainted with the company culture and understand where we would like for the company to head.

After the formal part of communication training the discussion was continued in the sauna.