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Advanced customer self-service now available

by the LendFusion® Team on the 7th of September 2019


In September 2019, the new version of LendFusion® was released and with this also advanced customer self-service area was introduced. This is remarkable progress in serving clients` needs more conveniently, as it will benefit both end-clients and lender companies and helps to reduce time and effort needed for managing loans on both sides.

The main goal of developing existing LendFusion`s client self-service further was to add to platform some extra features in terms of automating workflow and processes. The aim is to facilitate the work done by account managers, by reducing direct communication previously done by phone or other traditional medium which was quite time-consuming for both, for the lender and the client, and to send hereafter clients directly to the self-service area, in which they can perform actions needed on their own.

Self-service environment provides direct and immediate automated messaging and communication platform, which ensures security and reduces possible frauds significantly, as all the clients need to authenticate themselves via two-factor authentication.

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Self-service features for end-clients and borrowers:

  • Updating contact information and data related to bank accounts and cards etc
  • Managing loans (incl. applying for new loan, extending the period of existing loan, applying for new loan terms etc)
  • More convenient communication with the lender, all messaging will be stored in place
  • Uploading feature for additional files and data required together with loan applications or amendments

LendFusion® is ultimate loan management software for lenders. In autumn 2019, new LendFusion II has been released, which adds value and offers automation systems for private loan companies. LendFusion® is a hosted software platform that helps lenders to manage the smooth running and expansion of their business and remove the chaos out of managing their lending portfolio. LendFusion® offers a scalable platform developed with a combination of innovative technology, strong experience and an imaginative approach to lending online. It is the easiest-to-use and most efficient platform currently available in Europe.