How it works

LendFusion II not only boosts business growth, but it also removes the hassle out of managing your loan portfolio.

Customer onboarding

LendFusion® makes your customers feel right at home

  • Supports multiple onboarding sources
  • GDPR friendly approach
  • Customer self-service and mobile app make it easy to manage and service your customers
  • Looks and feels like YOU
  • Optimised for easy applications
  • Safe and secure
Customer onboarding

Validation and decision making

Making the right decision is making money

  • Various online identity checks
  • Card validation and checking personal details
  • API connections to popular credit scoring providers
  • Design your decision engine or use an external solution
  • Anti-fraud mechanics from the word ‘go’
  • Decision templates for different loan products
Validation and decision making

Loan issuing

The essence of your business

  • Automated bulk issuance of approved loans
  • Loan extensions, loan ammendments
  • Fraud protection built-in
  • Counteroffers logic available
Loan issuing

Loan lifecycle

Your process, your product

  • Tailored to your business processes
  • Fully automated as you need – fully, semi or manual processes
  • Integrated 3rd party solutions
  • Communication stored in one place
  • Automated notifications and triggers to loan events for easier management
Loan lifecycle


Be on top of your portfolio

  • Accurate picture of your portfolio's healt
  • Customisable reporting
  • Built on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) & UK standards
  • Can be integrated into your ERP

Returning business

Smooth service keeps customers returning

  • Straightforward self-service reapplication
  • Pre-approved offers to loyal customers
Returning business

How do we make it work for you?

LendFusion® expands your business growth by utilising a next-generation strategic IT platform; helping you manage your daily lending business with ease. With LendFusion®, you can prioritise increasing business profit whilst leaving your business operations on ‘autopilot.’

Fast and easy setup process

LendFusion® knows that your business cannot afford any disruption. Whether a new lender or experienced loan provider, LendFusion® will implement the setup process as easy as A-B-C. Our loan-tech specialists map your business workflows and then configure our software to integrate with yours. Not only does this ensure smooth adoption; it identifies any workflow inefficiencies.

Smooth sailing

LendFusion® ensures comfortable, quick and safe regular operation throughout the entire lending process, covering every facet of your business. Whilst loans are issued and payments collected, you can sit back and ponder about the expansion of your business rather than dealing with frustrating daily concerns.

Our software and its add-ons, like dedicated customer self-service and mobile applications, will make short work of problems like reporting or communication.

LendFusion® begins with mapping your customer origination; every small process in our system can be tailor-fitted to match your way of working.

Professional follow-up support

Our license-based software contains a full support package to streamline your IT costs and guarantee your uptime. Our professional team provides all the tech-related support you need from server maintenance to user training.

LendFusion II is continuously developed to new heights, providing our customers with full regular updates to our core system that bring new functionalities and features plus the most modern technological advances in IT.