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Commercial Loan Software

LendFusion’s Commercial Loan Software is modern, user-friendly and designed for established lenders. Manage the entire end-to-end lending process from loan origination to disbursement, and repayment of commercial loans with LendFusion.

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Deliver an omnichannel experience

Offer your customers the flexibility to apply for loans online, in-branch or through call centers and let them access self-service portals to upload documents and their account status.

Integrated due diligence

Seamlessly integrate with third-party systems to identity verification/authentication, fraud check, OFAC, and blacklist checks with ease.

KYB & AML compliance

Protect your business from fraud by validating organizations, verifying documents and ensuring they are not related to AML or PEP – and are not on any sanction list.

Configurable workflows

Customize and manage workflows according to your business needs, allowing for efficient lead management and handling of cross and up-sell opportunities.

Transparent Pricing

LendFusion pricing starts from 1,659 per month for a loan portfolio size up to 2 million and is capped at 9,999 per month for loan portfolios above 34 million. Read more about our pricing model here.

Accelerated loan disbursement

Enable end-to-end management with our commercial loan software for all loan types with a built-in document management system – including auto-underwriting, auto-decisioning, and straight-through/no-touch loan disbursements.

E-Signature integration

Process loans faster with built-in e-signature tools. Reduce paperwork and eliminate the need for physical visits to your office.

Payment automation

Integrate with any bank or payment provider to automate payment processes, disbursing funds, placing debit orders, and accepting payments without any additional steps.

Robust Reporting

Support multiple BI integrations and create detailed reports to analyze and monitor your lending operations to uncover valuable insights, such as new product opportunities.

Enhanced Security

Benefit from PCI DSS certified security measures, ensuring your commercial loan software is fully compatible with local and international data security requirements.

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    “LendFusion’s end-to-end lending platform takes away the challenge of having to integrate several platforms into one. There was no need for IT resources and because their commercial loan software is modern and user-friendly, we were able to launch our business loan product quickly.”


    CEO, Evergreen


    We came to LendFusion with very specific needs in terms of loan management. No other platform could offer us the same level of product, service and experience. LendFusion is not just a product, they are an important partner in the growth of our business.

    Robin Hyde-Chambers

    CEO, Funeral Safe Ltd

    Robin Hyde-Chambers

LendFusion is an affordable and user-friendly loan management system platform that helps you spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on getting sales and customers.

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