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Customer Story: How LendFusion Drives Business Growth for Evergreen Capital

written by the Vahuri Voolaid on the 26th of March 2024

Evergreen Capital, a business loan provider, implemented LendFusion and has seen an immediate impact on the growth of their business. This is their success story.


Evergreen Capital’s Challenge

Evergreen Capital, a prominent business loan provider to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across various industries, faced significant challenges in managing loans due to its reliance on manual processes and Excel.

The rapid growth of the company highlighted the inefficiencies and the pressing need for a more advanced, automated loan management system to manage the increasing administrative workload efficiently.

How Evergreen Capital Selected and Implemented LendFusion

Evergreen’s journey towards operational excellence began with an extensive search for the right platform that could meet their growing demands.

The decision to implement LendFusion was driven by the platform’s modern and user-friendly features and an affordable and scalable price point.

The implementation process was smooth, but thorough, and involved several critical steps, including:

  • Detailed data migration to ensure a seamless transition from legacy systems.
  • Comprehensive integration with key operational tools including accounting software, credit scoring systems, and communication channels like SMS and email.
  • Full website integration with the LendFusion platform, enabling efficient client interactions.

The Impact and Results Achieved With LendFusion

The adoption of LendFusion marked a turning point for Evergreen Capital. 

The significant reduction in administrative tasks enabled the company to reallocate resources towards growth-oriented activities such as customer acquisition and sales. 

This strategic shift not only improved operational efficiency but also reinforced LendFusion’s position as a superior solution, demonstrating its effectiveness in a real-world setting. 

Evergreen is now poised to further enhance its offerings with new features like client self-service, promising an even more streamlined and engaging customer experience.Here’s what Kristjan Tolmats, CEO of Evergreen Capital says about LendFusion:

“We have already seen great results from LendFusion. The administrative work has decreased rapidly and we can now spend more time on work that brings in more customers and more sales. We are truly looking forward to implementing client self-service and some more new features they offer, through which we can provide a more convenient service to our clients.”

Here’s LendFusion’s CEO Andres Valdmann view on the Partnership:

“We are thrilled with the partnership with Evergreen Capital. Seeing the LendFusion platform in action, solving real challenges, and contributing to Evergreen’s success is incredibly rewarding.
This collaboration is a testament to the power of innovation and the positive impact it can have on the lending industry. We look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship and driving forward together.”

About Evergreen Capital

Founded in 2013, Evergreen Capital specializes in providing flexible business loans ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 with surety or collateral. They cater to businesses needing to acquire property, finance goods, or refinance loans, offering flexible terms that surpass traditional banking options. Applications are quick and straightforward, with decisions made within hours, ensuring funds are disbursed the same day.

About LendFusion

LendFusion’s loan management software is designed for established lenders that are looking to grow their business. With a modern, user-friendly and affordable platform, LendFusion helps lenders spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on what matters – getting sales and customers.

At LendFusion, we believe that growing your business should be easier.

That’s why we have developed LendFusion to give you everything you need ‘out of the box’ to improve lending operations.

With LendFusion, you can:

  • Manage your loans efficiently
  • Follow up late payments automatically
  • Reduce manual workload and tasks

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LendFusion is an affordable and user-friendly loan management system platform that helps you spend less time on the day-to-day operations and more time on getting sales and customers.

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