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Customer Story: How LendFusion Streamlined Startup Success for Provira

written by the Vahuri Voolaid on the 22nd of April 2024

Provira provides financial services that enable beneficiaries to access up to 60% of their future inheritance early, assisting with expenses like legal fees or property repairs. This is their success story.

Provira’s Challenge 

Provira, a startup, approached LendFusion while searching for an efficient loan management software (LMS), after being recommended by a former-colleague.

With LendFusion as their first – and only – choice, Provira’s goal was to establish streamlined lending operations right from the start. 

How Provira Selected and Implemented LendFusion

The implementation process for Provira was straightforward due to their status as a new venture with no existing loan management system

LendFusion applied its proven framework for customer onboarding and loan management, integrating these into Provira’s framework seamlessly, which expedited the overall setup. 

Given LendFusion’s experience, the implementation, which took just 65 days, has led to significant operational efficiencies and satisfaction. 

The Impact and Results Achieved With LendFusion 

Provira successfully launched their business operations using LendFusion’s solutions, which were tailored to accommodate their specific underwriting process involving multiple permissions and complex application workflows

This customization not only met Provira’s unique needs but also supported their rapid scaling and ongoing development. 

The most notable achievements using LendFusion are:

  • Automating the entire end-to-end lending process
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Set up to launch new products quickly

Both LendFusion and Provira are pleased with the partnership, noting the ease of implementation and the benefits of a loan management platform.

Here’s what Provira’s Managing Director, Steve Gauke, had to say about the collaboration: 

Our collaboration with LendFusion has been transformative for Provira

From the very beginning, their team has provided us with a robust framework tailored to our unique needs, allowing us to navigate the complexities of the financial sector with confidence. 

LendFusion’s commitment to supporting our vision and growth with innovative solutions and continuous development has been crucial to our success”

LendFusion’s CEO, Andres Valdmann, echoes this sentiment:

“We are immensely proud of our partnership with Provira. 

From the beginning, our goal was to help them to launch and scale efficiently, which we achieved by going live in only 65 days.Provira’s success is a testament to our commitment to adapt and grow alongside our clients, ensuring they have the technological support to thrive in a competitive market.”

About Provira

Provira offers financial services related to inheritance, providing Inheritance Advance and Estate Advance options. These services allow beneficiaries and executors to access up to 60% of their future inheritance or estate value before probate is finalized. Provira is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

About LendFusion

At LendFusion, we believe that growing your business should be easier.

That’s why we have developed our platform to give you everything you need ‘out of the box’ to improve lending operations.

With LendFusion, you can:

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Vahuri Voolaid, COO

Vahuri is the Chief Operations Officer at LendFusion. Vahuri has 8 years of experience in fintech with loan management software as a product owner and an MBA with a specialisation in IT management.

Connect with Vahuri on LinkedIn.

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