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LendFusion or MortgageAutomator: What’s Best For Your Lending Business?

written by the Andres Valdmann on the 9th of July 2024

Deciding between LendFusion.com vs MortgageAutomator.com?

In this comparison, we cover features, pricing, and support.

We’ve personally reviewed both platforms and based on our experience with lenders like you, we want to provide an unbiased review to help you decide which platform is best for your business.

Our biggest take away?

Mortgage Automator is ideal for niche lenders while LendFusion is ideal for lenders and brokers involved in property development.

  • LendFusion and Mortgage Automator offer a robust loan management software with varying features aimed at automating and optimizing lending operations.
  • LendFusion excels in comprehensive automation capabilities and customization options for loan products, while Mortgage Automator stands out with detailed reporting, extensive integration capabilities, and strong customer support.
  • Both platforms cater to a wide range of lenders, but LendFusion is ideal for those needing a highly customizable and automated system, whereas Mortgage Automator is well-suited for lenders with a focus on reducing manual processes and enhancing customer communication.

Ready for the in-depth review?

Let’s get started.

What is LendFusion.com?

LendFusion.com is a loan management system specifically designed to cater to the lending industry.

It offers a range of features aimed at automating and optimizing lending operations, making it an attractive choice for lenders looking to streamline their entire lending process.

Key functionalities include real-time tracking of loans, customizable workflows, and automated underwriting tools, all of which contribute to a more efficient lending process.

One of the standout features of LendFusion is its automation capabilities.

LendFusion significantly reduces manual errors and accelerates the lending process through the automation of tasks such as loan application reviews, repayment tracking and underwriting.

This makes it a powerful tool for lenders who want to enhance their efficiency and focus more on customer acquisition and service.

What is MortgageAutomator.com?

MortgageAutomator.com is a software solution for private lenders that covers every aspect of loan origination and servicing.

It is designed to streamline and simplify the entire lending process for private lenders, making it an ideal choice for any mortgage office. It offers a robust set of features that include auto-generating personalized documents, compliance reports, and ACH/PAD payments.

These functionalities are complemented by efficient workflow management tools, making Mortgage Automator a competitive choice in the lending software market.

The platform excels in providing extensive reporting capabilities with exportable dashboards and custom reports. This focus on detailed and personalized reporting ensures that lenders can maintain clear and accurate records and improve loan management.

3 Key Features Compared

Both LendFusion and Mortgage Automator offer feature-rich platforms designed to streamline the lending process.

This comparison will delve into three critical areas:

Each section will highlight how these platforms’ key features stack up against each other, offering insights from verified user reviews and practical use cases.

1. Loan Origination

Loan origination is a critical phase in the lending process, and both LendFusion and Mortgage Automator have robust tools to support this, including a comprehensive loan management system.

With powerful loan origination features, LendFusion provides a customer portal that allows borrowers to see, edit, and track their loan applications, which reduces the need for constant communication with the lending office.

The platform also enables lenders to configure loan products, interest rates, and penalty rates without needing developer assistance, making it highly customizable.

With the help of loan origination software like LendFusion and Mortgage Automator, the lending process becomes more efficient and user-friendly.

In loan origination, Mortgage Automator shines with its:

  • Automated underwriting tools
  • Ability to customize loan products
  • Support for hard money lending businesses, including borrower portals for easy loan applications and tracking payments

Automated underwriting tools assess eligibility and risk, speeding up the loan origination process and ensuring a seamless experience for both lenders and borrowers.

In loan origination, both platforms have significant advantages.

LendFusion’s decision engine streamlines the loan application review process by automating it, which cuts down on manual checks and accelerates the process.

Similarly, Mortgage Automator’s automated generation of loan agreements and promissory notes makes it easier for lenders to manage multiple loans efficiently.

2. Loan Servicing

Another key aspect of the lending process is loan servicing.

Mortgage Automator, a loan servicing software, streamlines the loan servicing process by automating various calculations, alerts, and payments, incorporating loan management process automation.

It supports multiple payment options, including post-dated checks, auto-generated ACH/EFT, and credit card payments, making it a versatile choice for lenders.

Mortgage Automator supports automated notifications via SMS and email, ensuring that all parties are kept informed throughout the loan lifecycle.

This integration with CRM tools enhances personalized communication during the loan recovery process, improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

Conversely, LendFusion provides a complete audit trail for lenders by tracking all loan applications, changes, charges, and transactions.

Its payment processing features include interest and repayment calculations, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

This powerful tracking and processing capability makes LendFusion a reliable choice for lenders who need detailed oversight of their loan portfolios.

3. Document Management

Any lending business requires efficient document management.

LendFusion integrates document management to securely store, organize, and manage loan-related documents.

This ensures that all necessary paperwork is readily accessible and easy to manage, reducing the risk of errors and lost documents.

Mortgage Automator offers significant customization capabilities in document management, allowing users to tailor documents according to their specific needs.

Customers have highlighted that Mortgage Automator significantly speeds up paperwork, making the process more efficient.

Additionally, both platforms support e-signatures for digital signing of documents, further enhancing their document management capabilities.

Pricing and Value for Money

Transparency is key when it comes to pricing.

LendFusion’s pricing starts at 1,659 per month for loan portfolios up to 2 million.

Best of all, the monthly license fee remains the same regardless of the number of users, providing consistent value for businesses as they scale.

Mortgage Automator does not provide specific pricing details, but its value is evident from user feedback. The platform offers extensive features and efficient workflow management, making it a valuable tool for lenders.

Despite the lack of explicit pricing information, the value derived from its functionalities and customer support makes Mortgage Automator an attractive option for many.

Customer Support and Training

To maximize the benefits of lending software, effective customer support and training are indispensable. LendFusion offers the following:

  • 24/7 customer support, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed
  • A support team that is highly praised for fast turnaround times
  • Continuous software improvements based on user feedback

Mortgage Automator stands out in this area with:

  • A support team that quickly addresses requests and can add new features at no additional cost
  • Openness to feedback and continuous work on implementing updates to enhance functionality
  • Exceptional and efficient customer service, often resolving requests within 24 hours

Users appreciate these qualities and the overall positive experience with Mortgage Automator.

Integration Capabilities

To enhance the functionalities of lending software, integration capabilities are crucial.

LendFusion supports pre-integrated APIs and third-party integrations, including CRM and accounting software.

This allows for seamless data migration and streamlined financial operations, contributing to improved efficiency and better ROI.

Mortgage Automator also excels in integration capabilities, with support for credit card payment systems, accounting, and reporting systems.

These integrations automate processes and generate detailed financial reports, making it easier for lenders to manage their operations.

The platform’s compliance integration ensures accurate maintenance and reporting of trust and operating account ledgers, further enhancing its value.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are of the utmost importance. 

LendFusion offers the following features to ensure data protection and meet regulatory standards:

  • Advanced encryption methods
  • Robust firewalls
  • Sophisticated intrusion detection systems
  • Integration with compliance tools

These measures safeguard sensitive customer information.

Mortgage Automator offers the following features:

  • Prioritizes security and compliance
  • Features designed specifically to protect financial data
  • Compliance integration to ensure adherence to legal frameworks
  • Reduces the risk of fraud
  • Enhances trust with borrowers

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the real-world performance of lending software. Steve Gauke, a Managing Director in Financial Services, praised LendFusion for its ease of use, customization options, and reliability.

(→ Read Provira’s success story here)

Users of Mortgage Automator have reported that the software has significantly reduced their manual processes.

Cameron T, a Deputy Country Manager in the Automotive sector, appreciated Mortgage Automator’s team for their smart, helpful approach and ability to execute ideas in a user-friendly manner.

These testimonials highlight the positive impact that both platforms have had on their users, reinforcing their value propositions.

Use Cases and Ideal Users

Both platforms cater to a wide range of lenders, including:

  • mortgage companies
  • credit unions
  • loan brokers
  • real estate investors

Mortgage Automator is ideal for niche lenders while LendFusion is ideal for lenders and brokers involved in property development.

Hard money lending software is particularly useful for real estate investors and house flippers who need fast access to substantial funds without extensive credit checks.

These platforms can be tailored to various types of loans, such as:

  • Rental Loans
  • New Constructions
  • Multi-family Properties
  • Commercial Properties

Case Studies

Evergreen Capital faced significant challenges with manual loan management processes before adopting LendFusion.

The implementation of LendFusion led to immediate business growth by reducing administrative tasks and reallocating resources towards customer acquisition and sales.

The adoption of LendFusion’s client self-service feature further enhanced Evergreen Capital’s offerings, demonstrating the platform’s ability to support business growth and efficiency.

This case study highlights the tangible benefits of using advanced loan origination and servicing software.

(→ Read Evergreen Capital’s success story here)

Choosing the Right Lending Platform for Your Business

Are you ready to move from Excel to LMS to manage your loans?

When choosing the right lending software, you need to evaluate your business’s unique needs and goals. Factors to consider include:

  • Ease of use
  • Automation capabilities
  • Robust loan decision engines
  • Seamless integration with other systems
  • Customization options

A comprehensive platform that offers these features can significantly improve efficiency and enhance the borrower experience.

When selecting software for real estate loans, consider the following:

  • How it can streamline your operations from loan origination to collection
  • Whether it meets your current needs and supports future growth and scalability
  • Whether it aligns with your business objectives and helps drive success

The right software will help you optimize your processes and achieve your business goals.


Both LendFusion and Mortgage Automator offer powerful solutions for loan origination and servicing.

LendFusion stands out for its comprehensive automation and optimization features, while Mortgage Automator excels in customization and reducing manual processes.

Each platform has its unique strengths and potential drawbacks, making it crucial for lenders to carefully evaluate their specific needs and goals.

Ultimately, the right choice will depend on your business’s size, complexity, and growth plans.

Whether you choose LendFusion or Mortgage Automator, you can be rest assured that lending software will enhance your lending operations and support your long-term success.

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Andres Valdmann, CEO

Andres is the Chief Executive Officer at LendFusion. Andres has 15 years of experience in fintech and loan management software and has a proven track record in helping companies hit their growth goals.

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