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Customer Story: How LendFusion Drives Operational Efficiency for Funeral Safe

written by the Vahuri Voolaid on the 3rd of May 2024

Launched in 2016 by both funeral and financial industry experts, Funeral Safe provides simple, accessible and affordable finance for covering funeral costs. Funeral Safe is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is their success story.

Funeral Safe’s Challenge 

Funeral Safe, a well-established business in its niche market, approached LendFusion seeking to enhance their application process with loan management software

Their primary challenge was optimizing the collection and management of customer data through a broker-based system. Using an LMS, their goal was to streamline data collection and improve overall operational workflows to better serve their customers.

How Funeral Safe Selected and Implemented LendFusion

Prior to choosing LendFusion, Funeral Safe used Excel to manage their loans.

The implementation by LendFusion was conducted in two main phases:

  • Initial setup: Involving analysis, customizations, and system configuration
  • Deployment: Focusing on the integration and operational uptake by Funeral Safe. 

Although initial customization was successful, the deployment phase faced minor hurdles leading to a slight delay to the schedule and further enhancements.

This is due to the specific customizations that were made for Funeral Safe, which included enhancements to their application and underwriting processes

LendFusion integrated several functionalities tailored to Funeral Safe’s needs, including bespoke API solutions and connections to external services for reporting and accounting.

The implementation of LendFusion’s Loan Management System took only 90 days.

The Impact and Results Achieved With LendFusion 

LendFusion provided a central system that integrated with various external tools, improving reporting capabilities and financial management. 

The solution facilitated a more automated business environment, allowing Funeral Safe to expand their services and enhance customer and partner engagements.

Since going live, Funeral Safe has experienced significant operational improvements and expanded their loan portfolio. 

With a more streamlined lending process, Funeral Safe caters more effectively to their market, significantly enhancing their service delivery and operational efficiency.

LendFusion’s collaboration with Funeral Safe exemplifies the transformative impact of tailored software solutions in optimizing business operations, demonstrating LendFusion’s commitment to adapting their services to meet specific client needs and challenges.

Funeral Safe CEO, Robin Hyde-Chambers, is thrilled with the collaboration with LendFusion:

With the implementation of LendFusion’s solutions, Funeral Safe has significantly streamlined our operational processes. 

This partnership has not only enhanced our application systems but also strengthened  our ability to manage and analyze data efficiently, paving the way for greater scalability and improved customer service delivery”

Andres Valdmann, CEO at LendFusion, is excited to be part of Funeral Safe’s journey.

We are thrilled to see the remarkable progress Funeral Safe has made in enhancing operational efficiency through our platform. 

Their commitment to growth and excellence is evident in their expanded service offerings and improved client interactions. At LendFusion, we are proud to support their journey and look forward to continuing our partnership as they reach new heights in the industry.”

About Funeral Safe

Funeral Safe offers accessible and affordable financing for funeral expenses and is committed to providing financial relief during bereavement, ensuring loans are manageable without causing financial hardship. Funeral Safe maintains clarity in all transactions, allowing customers to effectively manage their loans and receive the support they need.

About LendFusion

At LendFusion, we believe that growing your business should be easier.

Our modern, user-friendly and affordable platform gives you everything you need ‘out of the box’ to improve lending operations for all types of loans.

With the LendFusion platform, you can:

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