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Effective Team-Building – Some Notes from Our Corporate Summer Event in Croatia

written by the Vahuri Voolaid on the 26th of January 2023

In August 2019 LendFusion® took some time off from its hard work at the office and spent a few days near Split in Croatia. The goal of this event was to summarise the work done in launching LendFusion II as well as discuss long-term plans with employees and bring the team closer together.

As traditionally done during summer events, we visited local attractions and sightseeing areas as well as enjoyed water sports and lots of delicious food. After this 4-day trip, our batteries were loaded again, ready to face the autumn working-season ahead with greater commitment.

This is not the first time we arrange this kind of event. LendFusion® together with its mother company Web Expert has already conducted team-building efforts for 5 years, bringing the team together regularly and providing some extra value for all of our employees.

Here are the main reasons why we pay attention to regular team building:

  • Team building is an absolute prerequisite for successful teamwork – with synergy increased, projects and teamwork will more likely to succeed
  • Increased productivity – regular team events have proven to raise productivity in every level
  • Higher happiness rate among employees – team building has had a direct effect on reduced staff turnover and increased satisfaction
  • A reason to come together – during regular work we are often spread over the world, thus team building events give us the opportunity to see each other face to face.

Corporate team building and ensuring employee happiness is part of our company’s culture and core values. We take team building very seriously because knowledge and competence alone are not enough to thrive in a software business. To accomplish higher outcomes, we have to set high standards. As our business is based on both expertise and teamwork, we need to ensure both parts are working flawlessly and in perfect manner.

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